October 11, 2003

Min and I slept in late this morning (well, I slept in late because Arti and I were up till 4:00 am and Min had to work all night.) So I got up a little before noon and she got up a little before 2:00. Art and Danielle were planning on going down to Naples for the grape festival and invited us along. So around 3:00, they stopped by (Michael spent the afternoon at his grandparent’s) and we headed on down first to Dansville where we got some fried dough, french fries and a fried snickers bar (ick) before going all the way to Naples. Once in Naples, we drove around looking for Art’s special grape cookies that he needs once a year. We eventually found some and also bought some grape pie, bars and tarts. There is some really good grape stuff there. I have never been to Naples for the festival before. It is kind of neat but there isn’t very much going on but there are tons of people. There was a really good farmer’s market there and we picked up a bit of stuff there. And then we discovered a weird group of shops on the south side of town that we had never noticed before. Napes has a really cool “craft mall” set up like an old west scene. It was pretty neat. We spent about thirty minutes there. We plan to return sometime to really see it better.

After the day in Naples, Min REALLY wanted to go to Rochester for dinner so we drove all the way south and started around the lakes before she told us and then we headed all the way north up to Brighton. We had dinner at the Desert Moon Cafe which is right next door to the King and I in the old King and I store front. It was okay. Nothing really special but it was good. Kind of a strage way to do a restaurant. Very cafeterria.

After dinner, it was over to Target to do some shopping. Min and I ended up getting a stack of DVDs including the rest of the original Peter Sellers Pink Panther movies (we got one of them last night,) Animal House and Vacation. Art picked up Empire Earth Gold Edition so that he can start practicing to be able to play us. It will take him a while to get up to speed on the game. It is really complex. Min also got a bamboo plant to put on the dining room table and a vase.

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