October 3, 2003: 24 Hours to the Wedding!

The final day before the wedding! It is nice to have Andy home if just for a few days. Min and I slept in a little bit this morning and then got up and went out for breakfast with Andy at the Geneseo Family Restaurant. BTW, if you Google “Geneseo Family Restaurant”, you will find SGL listed at the bottom of the second page. How funny is that. I wonder home many people and businesses that look for themselves on the web find themselves at SGL just because we mention everything.

Last night, Min and I watched Steve Martin’s A Simple Twist of Fate which was a much sadder movie than I was expecting but it was very good. We also did a tremedous amount of cleaning after everyone had left. The house is really coming along. We had been hoping that we would have had a chance to get the new CD and DVD racks put together and in the basement so that the book shelves could have moved down as well but we just didn’t manage to get around to that. My arm seems to be getting steadily better but in very small steps. It is really hard to tell exactly what is going on and I am starting to get the dull throbbing of taking Ibuprofin all of the time. I am also beginning to forget what my hand should feel like so it is really hard to notice whether or not it is getting back to normal.

Jeremy ended up not coming into town last night because he was too tired. So he slept in northern Virginia. Jenn Generoso got into Geneseo at noon. John and Michelle flew into Rochester at noon.

John and Michelle made it down to the house in the middle of the afternoon just as Jeremy, Andy and I were heading out to lunch. So John tagged along up to Tom Wahl’s for a quick bite. John and Michelle hung out for a little bit and got to see the house before they headed on over to Hillside where they are staying.

At 5:30, everyone headed over to the Hillside Inn in Wyoming for the wedding rehearsal. Most everyone was able to make it there. Francesca and family were still 120 miles from Buffalo so they were not able to make it to practice for the wedding. The rehearsal went ok. With the matron of honor, a reader and both flower girls missing, though, there was a lot left out of the practice run. After we rehearsed, we all drove in a big convoy over to Perry to the Charcoal Corral (hey, if Emily and Craig can do it than so can we) for the rehearsal dinner. The dinner went really well. My mom couldn’t make it because she wanted to be sure not to be exhausted for the wedding but since lots of my family from Ohio was in town, she was able to stay home with them and dad went to dinner. Dinner went really well. Everyone really enjoyed being able to wander around the entire restuarant and choose from food at the pizza place, ice cream or the char-pit. It was a really nice way to do dinner. And then we all met back and ate in the back “garden room.” Min’s sister Francesca, Bennie and the girls managed to make it t the dinner. They drove like mad to be able to be there. They drove all the way from Texas in a little Saturn sedan. It was really nice that they were able to make it to dinner. They got there just as people were starting to ge their food. The girls were really tired after the long drive.

After dinner, Nate, Josh and I crashed back at Nate’s parent’s house in Perry. Min, Andy, Jeremy and JoAnne all went back to Min and my house so that they could get ready in the morning. Nate, Josh and I watched My Best Friend’s Wedding before going to bed. Long day tomorrow, we need our sleep.

I will be getting the updates in as I am able. Obviously it is going to be a very busy weekend and I won’t be able to get back to the computer until the early part of next week. I will let you all know how everything goes, though.

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