October 4, 2003: The Big Day – Scott and Dominica’s Wedding!

Well, today is the big day. The day you have all been waiting for. Can you believe it is finally today?

Nate, Josh and I started off the day at Nate’s parent’s house in Perry. We had hoped that all of the guys would be able to get together this morning to play some golf before heading over for the wedding but the weather ended up not being too agreeable so that had to be cancelled. John had a rough morning over at Hillside where he is staying and wasn’t able to make it over to join everyone before the wedding. Andy ran errands around Geneseo and also couldn’t make it. Eric came over a little bit later in the morning so the four of us got ready together. We went out to breakfast at the Hole in the Wall out on Main Street. The waitress thought that the fact that we were wearing kilts to the wedding was just the most amazing thing. The entire restaurant was talking about it by the time that we left there. They were all very excited about it. After breakfast, we went back to Nate’s parent’s house to get ready and to put our kilts on. We did a pretty good job of getting ourselves all dressed up. We looked really sexy in our kilts.

We headed over to Hillside Inn around 1:00. The girls had been there all morning getting things ready for the ceremony. Min and I are staying there tonight so the girls are all using the Bridal Suite to get dressed and to do the hair and all of that stuff. Nate and I arrived at John’s cottage at Hillside and found him with his kilt backwards. So we had to get that straightened out. Andy arrived just seconds after Nate and I. Eric and Josh ran down into Warsaw to pick up some Grand Marnier before the service. They made it up about twenty minutes later.

We discovered quickly that they had decided to move the ceremony indoors. It was probably for the best but we heard that Min was really upset and we were having a heck of a time trying to figure out all of the logistics because everything was drastically different from what we had done in rehearsal and there wasn’t enough room for everyone to make it down the aisle and there wasn’t enough room to stand up front and chairs were blocking the path and then, as we started to seat people, we realized that there weren’t enough seats by quite a number for everyone to have a place to sit. So we had to start bringing in more chairs at the last second. So I had little time to get nervous before the wedding since so many things were going on at the last second. Plus there were so many people to say hello to as they were coming in. All the while, our bagpiper was playing away out in front of the inn. That was a really nice touch.

Nate and I finally made it up to the front of the ceremony so that we could wait for Min and her entourage to come down. We ended up going forward prematurely as Min wasn’t ready yet but because we had to way to communicate with her, we had no idea when she was planning on coming down.

The girls finally came down from upstairs and it was a beautiful service. Min and I really missed most of it. There is just so much going on and so many people there that everything really flies by very quickly. After the officially ceremony we went out to the back and did the official pictures. We hired a friend of Min’s from Advion to take our pictures so that we would get to actually own them and not just have license for viewing them at home. We didn’t do a lot of formal pictures because neither of us really like formal pics. We much prefer informal ones done at the reception. So we tried to keep the time doing the pics to a minimum. It was hectic enough as it was with what we did. After the pictures it was on to the reception. The bridal party entered and then Min and I entered to “Soul Bossa Nova”, the theme from Austin Powers. It went over really well and the place really got into the mood. I think it was important to not let everyone think that it was going to be really formal since the ceremony itself had been very traditional and formal. We wanted the party to be just that, a party. So we started it off right. We ate almost immediately. It was a buffet of chicken cordon bleu, some kind of beef (hey, I am a vegetarian, I didn’t pay much attention) and vegetarian lasagna. I was really surprised by how good dinner was. It was the best wedding food I have ever had.

At the reception we had dancing and karaoke. The selection of songs for karaoke was pretty bad but it was okay. We made due. Nate and I sang three songs together. And a lot of people sang to us which was really nice. I was really happy with how many of my friends were able to make it. It was really nice to get to see everyone all together. We had a really great time. My cousin Jeremy had a blast. I think that he might have spent more time out on the dance floor than anyone else at the party. Everyone really got a kick out of him. Oh, to be 14 again.

After the reception, at 9:30, we gathered up all of the real partiers and headed on down to the Cannonball Run Pub down the street at the bottom of the hill in Wyoming. John called them and let them know that we were coming and they agreed to stay open for us. That was really great. It was nice to have somewhere to go to wind down after the reception. We hung out there for a couple of hours. Most everyone started to head home from there. After we were done there, John, Michelle, Mary, Jocelyn, Josh, JoAnne, Min and I went out to get some pizza in Warsaw. So this was the after-after-party.

After pizza was over, we headed back to the Inn to begin our married life together. We had the bridal suite which is a huge room. But the funny thing was, in such a huge room, there was only a double bed. And it was so high off of the floor that we had to have a step stool to get up to it!

What an awesome day. It couldn’t have turned out any better than it did. We had a really wonderful time sharing our wedding with all of you. I am so glad that so many of you were able to make it and so sorry that so many were unable to be there. Thank you all for coming or at least trying to come. And the kilts really turned out awesome too. They looked really good and they made it a lot more interesting. I think that they managed to both add to the formality and traditionalism of the ceremony but made for a great crowd pleaser at the reception. Everyone thought that we were really hilarious dancing around in our skirts.

Emily told us at the wedding that Craig had had a car accident on Thursday, October 2nd, and had been trying, right up to the last minute, to come to the wedding but he felt really bad and decided that he couldn’t make it. We really wish that he could have been there. Apparenlty he is fine… just really soar from the accident. I will let you know more when I hear something.

Min did change her name so she is now officially, Dominica Anne Miller.

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