October 8, 2003

Today, Min and I decided, is going to be a nice relaxing day at home. We have been out almost minute this week and we need some time at home to relax. But of course, that didn’t actually end up happening. We started the day by sleeping in. Then we decided that we had a bunch of errands to run in the city so we headed up there around noon. We decided to pick Eric up and go someplace vegetarian for lunch. I thought that I had seen a new place but when we got up to the city we weren’t able to find it so we ended up going to Basha for Mediterranean. Basha is a great place though and Min had never been there. So it worked out well anyway. After lunch we just ended up running all over the place trying to get things done that we needed to get done before Min had to return to work. She has really been enjoying her week and a half off and isn’t looking forward to returning to work at all. We got Eric back to his car and ran some more errands and even ran into Mrs. West (Andy’s mom).

We spent the evening just relaxing around the house. There is a ton of cleaning that needs to be done and Min needed to relax before work. So we through on some DVDs and just relaxed for the evening. Min headed off to work at 10:45 and I ended up working until 2:00 am. I have to be up relatively early tomorrow because Danielle and I are going out to do sales in Perry. Plus I have a ton of work around the house that I need to get to after having been off for so long.

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