October 7, 2003: Dominica’s First Trip to the Genesee Country Museum

Today Min and I are going to the Genesee Country Museum in Mumford. Min has never been there and I haven’t been there for a regular tour during the day in forever. Maybe ten years or more. I was there with Nate, Karen and Peanut about three years ago for the Halloween special thing that they did but that was at night and it was trick or treating. Not the same thing. Their traditional programs like that are really neat though.

We headed out to breakfast in Caledonia and then to the museum right about when they were opening. There were about 650 kids there today so that made for a bit of a crowd even though there weren’t too many people overall. In fact, the place was mostly deserted. We spent about six hours at the museum. We were there all day. Min really enjoyed it. We even ended up joining the museum because we plan to return at least a couple of times next year. If we come back just two times, it will save us money. We got lunch in the museum although that wasn’t very exciting.

After the museum, it was time to go furniture shopping once again. This time we went to Ruby Gordon in Henrietta. It wasn’t the most exciting place but we did manage to get a really good deal on dining room chairs. It will save us like $600 over other chairs that we have looked at and we really liked them too. So that was a trip well worth having taken. We still haven’t been able to decide on any kind of end tables yet. That is going to be the hardest thing to figure out what we want to do about. Everything is so expensive and nothing really works that well for us. And since we aren’t going to be getting a coffee table, there are fewer options to choose from.

Tonight is Min’s last night at home and she wanted to stay up late so that she would be ready to go back to work tomorrow night. So we watched a ton of movies on DVD while I set up the new speakers. It took a ton of work and I had to steal the Rotel Amplifier from Andy so that we would have something to power the system with but after about an hour of being squeezed in behind the television, I finally got it all hooked up. It is a million times nicer watching DVDs now because you can really hear them. The sound coming from the television is just awful. We choose the Totems because they are so transparent and smooth. They make dialogue very easy to understand even at really low volumes. They really help allow us to run the television at much lower volumes that we had to in the past. We are somewhat worried about letting the television get too loud because it points right at the wall that we share with Linda. She has said that she hasn’t heard us yet but we don’t want to start either. We are going to be mounting the quilt that we got from the wedding on the wall that the television faces and that will help a bit once that is in place. Between the two, it should be much easier to hear the television.

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