November 1, 2003


Dominica wins the Llama of the Month competition because she was smart enough to marry me. I figured that that was reason enough. I can’t believe that the month of October has gone by already. It seems only yesterday that we were running around trying to get things ready for the wedding. And now the month has passed right by.

Min and I went over to my parent’s house this afternoon. We are trying to take a big stack of boxes with us every time that we go over there because dad is planning on having a big bonfire for something and so he is going to use all of the boxes that we don’t need. And boy do we have plenty of boxes. I keep filling up the car with them. I feel like they will just go on forever. We visited for about two hours. Then Art came up so that we could scrounge through some of the wood that dad has in the barn because we are doing some work on the basement at my house and we needed wood. Better to take it out of the barn then to drive to the city to buy some. We found what we needed and headed back to my place. Danielle and Michael met us over there.

Art and I spent the evening getting the electrical moving along while the girls entertained Michael as best they could. The girls also went out and picked up some Chinese for dinner. Art managed to get one additional outlet hooked up tonight. But it is enough to really help. Now there isn’t the big tangles mess of electrical sitting behind me while I work and tripping me as I go to and from my desk. Art and I moved some of the desks around and we managed to get the place looking and working tons better than it was before. There is now a “laptop station” where visitors to my office can sit down their laptops and work with either a wired or a wireless connection. My main desk has been cleared off and moved slightly. And the seven foot long peninsula extension to my desk has been relocated into the second cublicle area so that there will be a fully functional workstation there for people who need to use it. That will be much better for people who want to play Age of Empires and Empire Earth as well as people who need to get work done. It is a nice setup.

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