November 2, 2003

Sunday. Sorry everyone, I know that I have been not keeping up with the updates these last two weeks. There has been a lot going on here. I have been working very hard trying to catch up on all of the work that I need to be getting done. And for those of you who know what else is going on, that isn’t going well either. Dominica and I have cancelled our honeymoon that we were supposed to be leaving for this coming weekend. It is just a terrible time to try to go so we decided that it wasn’t the right thing to do and we will probably try to go again in February.

I will do what I can to catch up on the past news. There hasn’t been a lot of it so don’t worry that you have all been missing out on all of the excitement. Min’s back is quite a bit better but she is still moving around very slowly and carefully. She is spending most of her time sitting in the new recliner chair that she has in the living room and watching DVDs on the new projector. We are getting a lot of use out of our DVD collection over the past few weeks. More than we ever thought possible.

Min’s back hurt this morning so we weren’t able to go to church. She just isn’t able to sit in the pews. I woke up to a call from Andy in Puerto Rico. He is really hating it down there. Both companies that he is involved with are really going out of their respective ways to screw him over. He is pretty much ready to come home. He is supposed to get Sundays off and every other Saturday. But he has been working every day since he has been down there. He went into the office at 7:30 this morning. And just in case he didn’t go into the office, they sent someone to his appartment to drag him to work. When he found out about that, he left. They aren’t even allowed to have him work on Sundays. And they won’t give him a phone so that they can call him at home. They gave him a Sprint cell phone that only works when he is sitting in the parking lot at Walmart. And he doesn’t live right by a Walmart like he does here in Geneseo so it is really a pain for him to call anyone. The worst part of the whole thing is that they go to so much trouble to make sure that he doesn’t get a day off but neither company will have a single person there for him to work with so even though he is there there isn’t anything for him to do. So they are doing it just to be mean to him. And they know way ahead of time that no one is going to be there but they don’t schedule anyone. And they are constantly waiting to give him any work during the day until after the people he needs to work with have gone home for the day. So he spends his entire day with nothing to do and then is rushed in the evenings when there is no way for him to produce any results.

Min and I went over to my parent’s house around 3:00. The pastor came over to give communion at the house. It is nice since so many of us have been unable to make it to church recently. Min and I hung out there for much of the afternoon. We stayed about five hours and had dinner there.

Min and I came home and watched the first six episode of Season Two of Coupling (the real Coupling, not the cheesy NBC knockoff.) I think that Season One was better but Two is still really good. There are three episodes left that we need to go through.

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