November 10, 2003

Monday. This morning, dad, Dominica and I went to Perry to deal with the funeral arrangements. I was supposed to be working in Perry this morning but they ended up not needing me until Wednesday so the timing was perfect. It was good that I was able to be there to be a part of the arrangements. I think that it helped. I know that there are a lot of you that are hoping to be able to attend. The details are as follows:

Services at Eaton-Watson Funeral Home, Perry, NY

Calling Hours for Karen Lee Miller:
Thursday, Nov. 13 7:00-9:00pm
Friday, Nov. 14 1:00-3:00pm

Funeral Service
Friday, Nov. 14 3:00pm

Food at LaGrange Baptist Church following services.

After making all of the arrangement, we had errands to run around Perry. We had banking to do, mail to post and food to pick up since everyone is eating at my dad’s house this week. My grandparents are and have been staying there so it is pretty much grand central. There are a million people stoppingin there everyday. I am going to take my laptop with me tomorrow so that I can do some work on SGL while I am there and maybe get a little bit caught up. I figure that at least that will give me something to do. The Lord really watched over us because Min and I have this entire week and next off from work because we had been planning on being on our honeymoon during this time. Otherwise, we would have been so busy that we wouldn’t have been able to easily deal with everything.

This afternoon, I came back over to my house and Eric came down from Rochester and we played a little AoE2. I needed the break from everything. AoE2 is so intense that it really forces you to pay attention to it. After the game, Min, dad, all of my grandparents, my aunt and my uncle all came up to Geneseo and we went to the Omega Grill for dinner. Min and I haven’t really gone out to eat for so long that it feels weird. We had a really nice dinner on Saturday night but that was a special occasion, not just dinner out. After dinner, Min was really tired and she just watched a little “Are You Being Served?” and went to bed really early. I ended up staying up late into the night watching DVDs and playing with the hamster. Mr. Humphries really likes getting a ton of attention and will spend the entire night making you get him out of his cage if you let him. He loves to be held now and he especially like it when we take him out of his cage (using a Betty Crocker’s Cookbook) and carry him over to the futon. Then he runs all around on the futon exploring. He is so hyper. He just runs and runs and runs. He will stay up all night playing if you let him.

Speaking of rodents, I caught another mouse this morning. That is, I believe, our twelfth mouse caught to date and removed from the house. I can’t believe how many there are. They are so cute though.

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