November 14, 2003

Thursday. Today is the calling hours for mom down in Perry. Dad called to tell us that he might not be able to make it down there because the weather was so bad that there was a head on collision of two tractor trailers on route 63 right in front of the house. So the roads were blocked. Min and I set out to head to Perry and the weather was just awful. It was horrible driving, heavy snow and driving wind. We were really worried that we weren’t going to make it ourselves. We got into Leicester and 20A and 39 were closed because of an accident there as well. So we had to drive way out and around to get to Pine Tavern. We eventually made it to the funeral home. Dad and my grandparents were able to make it to. I had a lot of family coming in from Ohio today in the awful weather. It took them eight hours to get in instead of the regular five.

A lot more people made it out to the calling hours than I was expecting. I wasn’t really thinking that anyone was going to come out tonight because of the weather. But lots of people came. It was really nice to see so many people coming out in the terrible weather.

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