November 22, 2003

Saturday. Min, Jeremy and I all slept in quite late this morning. My Uncle Leo actually came to the house and knocked on the door and rang the door bell and none of us woke up. Min and I headed straight out to go to Frankfort to take Dexter back home. It has been really nice having Dexter here for an entire week. It was very comforting to have a little puppy in the house.

We dropped Dexter off and went out to dinner in Herkimer. After dinner, Min and I headed back to Geneseo. We stopped at Barnes and Nobles in New Hartford on the way and picked up the complete Fawlty Towers on DVD as well as some books. I got a really exciting book about the Mongol invasion of Europe in 1218 AD.

Mouse number fifteen was caught in the kitchen this morning.

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