November 23, 2003

Sunday. Min and I actually managed to get up this morning and make it to LaGrange for church. Our first time in weeks. After church we went over to dad’s and we all went out to lunch at the diner in Texaco town. We had to drop off dad’s car at the shop in Pavilion. After lunch, we came back home to meet Art, Danielle and Michael. Art and I got to work in the basement. Art worked on the electrical in the office in the basement while I worked at rearranging the shelving units. We got them moved into more or less the positions where they will be when we finish the basement. We got the bookshelves back up so that I could start putting books onto the shelves which is really important since I have been unable to use any of my books for months since they have all been packed up into plastic totes. It is really nice to have access to them again. I forgot how many books I had.

Danielle cooked dinner and brought it over. It was nice to be able to eat at home. After Art and Danielle went home, Min and I watched Fawlty Towers that we picked up last night. I am not a huge fan of Fawlty Towers, it is okay, but not up to par with a lot of the shows that we have been watching. Min really likes it. We were surprised to learn that there were only ever twelve episodes of the show ever made. So many famous British shows were so short lived. We are used to American television shows running for years and years if they are popular. But in England, they often write a set number of shows and the show is simply done when they have exhausted the idea. It is nice because the show doesn’t linger on after it is no longer interesting.

SUSE Linux 9.0 was released for download today. I started downloading it this afternoon from the Suiss mirrors because the American ones didn’t have it yet. It is a 7 GB download so it will take a very long time.

I captured our sixteenth mouse today. It was caught in the trap on my desk in my office.

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