November 24, 2003

This morning I discovered mouse number seventeen in the kitchen. Min and I took him with us when we drove to Batavia for my doctor’s appointment. We are dropping mice off all over the countryside. Dad says that we are strengthening the gene pool of the mice outside of Geneseo. We had lunch in Batavia after my appointment.

Dominica went out today and got her fair cut really short. I worked at home most of the day. Mostly productive, more than usual. It is really nice to have so much of the office done downstairs. Having the shelves in place is really helping things. I have been able to put away four or five plastic totes of stuff that we have had stored and that has really cleared up some space in the basement.

Andy is coming home on Wednesday. He is coming home for Thanksgiving. He has to go back on Sunday so it will be a very short visit. It will be nice to have him home for a little bit. We start to forget what it is like to have someone around. This evening, Min and I watched more of Faulty Towers. Min really likes the series.

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