November 26, 2003

Min, Dad and I went up to the city this morning to run some errands. Dad needed to go up so Min and I tagged along. We did a little shopping and little banking and then we went to lunch with Eric at Jay’s Diner. We ended up spending hours at lunch! Min and I didn’t end up getting back home until almost 4:00. It was mostly another really slow day today. I have been diligent at doing the updates now for a couple of days but nothing has been happening so these must be the most boring updates ever. Andy is coming home this evening. He called a few hours ago from Philly to say that he was in transit. We expect to see him around 11:00 or so.

Min has to work tonight. She is scheduled to work on all the holidays this year. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! She has to work tomorrow night too. It makes for a very hectic season. While she was relaxing before Min went to work, we watched Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. I don’t think that I like this movie very much. I don’t appreciate media that justifies evil in society. I think that it is an abuse of the power of the media. This movie, while not totally making it look alright, spends too much time justifying the actions of a drug addicted child abuser. We have now watched 1,930 shows on LD and DVD. The average cost per view is down to just $5.14. Ok, ok, I know no one cares but me but I am obsessed so get over it. I am thinking about taking some classes on cinema and trying to teach occasionally. I think teaching cinema would be a lot of fun. I have tons of experience (if reading lots of books makes you an English teacher.) I have a personal collection that I could use for my classes so that might work out well. GCC offers cinema classes and that would be a nice environment to teach in.

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