November 27, 2003: Happy Thanksgiving

It was nice to get to sleep in for a day. I heard Andy get up about an hour before me this morning and head off to his family’s holiday feast. Min slept in until 2:00 which is actually a pretty short night. I got up and watched National Lampoon’s Vacation which I haven’t seen in forever and I am not sure that I have ever seen all the way through. I have seen most of it a few times but it is actually surprising how few times I have seen it. It is funny to see them using an Apple IIe to play video games and to plan out their trip. It is funny to think about what people thought computers were like back then. Although, think about how ridiculous computers in movies are going to look when we look back on them today. Its strange how few people watch movies and don’t notice that the computers that they see are nothing at all like the computers that they use everyday. But if cars were so different in movies (other than people acting like they are racing when they are driving 20-30 mph!) then people would really notice and think it looked really dumb.

Andy got in around 11:00 pm last night. He had pizza on the way home so he wasn’t hungry when he got here. It is weird having him back here. We sat up and watched Desperado Superbit on the projector. He hasn’t seen it since we got it. He was really impressed with it.

Min and I went to lunch at my aunt and uncles in Leicester. We had all the Thanksgiving foods (less the turkey of course) and then played some fictionary and sequence or something like that.

After dinner, Min and I came home around 9:00. Nate and Tammy stopped by to pick me up on the way to Tahoes. We headed up to Rochester for our Eigth Annual gang Thanksgiving at Nick Tahous. We figured it out tonight and we are pretty sure that our first ever Thanksgiving at Tahous was 1996. Every year we have this discussion and try to figure out when it first was that we went there. So if anyone knows at details to help determine for sure how many years it has been, let me know. But unless we hear otherwise, 1996 is the official start. Joe, Bob and I can conclusively prove that we could not have started in 1995 or sooner so 1996 is the first year that it could have been. We a full dozen make it this year. Min was not able to go because she had to go to work but she wasn’t very heartbroken. Dinner was good and the place wasn’t very busy.

After Tahous, we went out to the parking lot and discovered that Nate’s Ford Explorer had been broken into and Tammy’s wallet and about twenty of Nate’s CDs had been stolen. The only damage to Nate’s car was the lock being broken on the driver’s side door.

Nate and Tammy dropped me off at the house. Andy was there watching Are You Being Served? on the projector. Nate and Tammy stopped by for a little while but couldn’t stay because they had to get back to Perry so that they could deal with the stolen wallet.

Okay, well you finally got a real update today so everyone should be happy. I haven’t been checking the logs to see how many people have been coming to the site for a long time so I will be very depressed if I discover that everyone has stopped reading it. I plan on running a total report at the end of December to see how things have been all year. It would be nice to see that our readership has been going up.

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