November 7, 2003

Friday. I had a really stressful day today. I was supposed to work at Basil’s in Perry this morning but I wasn’t able to get everything that I was supposed to be delivering there ready to go and so we had to put off the work until Monday. I am supposed to be installing a new computer and a KVM switch there and the switch isn’t working for me so I am kind of out of luck. It is a Linksys KVM2KIT unit and it appears to be a total piece of crap. It completely doesn’t work. There is no support from Linksys either. The supposedly offer 24×7 support with extra special service for VARs (like me) but I called their supposed 24×7 support line and all there is is an answering machine. And I have read other people reviews of this unit online and they say that they have had similar problems and Linksys refused to get back to them about it as well. It appears that Linksys tried to make a super cheap KVM unit and failed and is trying not to acknowledge it. This will cost them in the long run, though, since they are a division of Cisco and we now have to tell all of our customers that Cisco is not honoring its product support agreements and that they are selling total crap hoping to sucker customers trying to save a buck or two. Cisco sells really expensive stuff and I have a hard time believing that they really thought that it would be a good idea to risk their reputation on such a stupid item.

My day got even longer when I needed to get two proposals printed out this morning and we ended up with no printers that had any ink in them. We had a document written using MS Office 2003 so no one could open it and no one who could print it had a working printer. After much effort, we finally ended up having Eric print the stupid things in Rochester and then driving down to York to hand them to me so that I could turn them in. After all that, Eric came over to the house and we played a round of AoE2 to relax as it was a very long and hectic day. After our game, Min and I dropped Eric off at Arti and Danielle’s house and we went up to visit mom.

We didn’t know it at the time but this will be the last time that I am able to communicate with my mom. She was barely able to talk tonight. It was all that she could do to be awake while we were there. She said about six words all night and with great effort. She has given up now and is just waiting for it to all be over. It is really hard seeing her because she is in so much pain. We can barely even recognize her now. We stayed until she fell asleep.

Min went to work tonight and Arti came over to play some AoE2. I like to play late on Friday nights because it means that I can sleep in in the morning with Min. Arti and I played three games (I played one earlier with Eric and Arti played earlier with Eric once and with Carl once) and I crushed him all three games. In fact, I improved significantly with each game. I think Arti was getting exhausted by the end. Arti managed to beat Eric quite well earlier today as well.

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