December 10, 2003

John and I went into Washington to do a little bit of work this morning. I took down one of our servers so that we could move it up to New York. Phil came into the office today to clean out his desk. We spent some time standing out on the dock in the rain talking. We got back to Annapolis just in time to get everything packed up so that Min and I could head out of town to get back home. Min has to work tonight so we have to get back.

The drive took about seven hours and there was fog and rain for a lot of it. I was really exhausted by the time we got back to Geneseo and Min was already about half an hour late for work. We got into the house and within thirty seconds of walking into the house, the Christmas tree collapsed onto the hamster’s cage. What a mess. The tree stand was full of water with chemicals in the water to help keep the tree alive and it poured out all over the floor. We also had some ornaments break (luckily nothing sentimental.) The hamster and the cage were okay, just had to be put back together (although Mr. Humphrey’s keeps asking us for valium.) He seems to be under a lot of stress recently. I moved the tree out to the garage so that we could clean up the floor and ended up breaking a lot of ornaments as I carried it out. Min ended up being over an hour late for work and I stayed up until 3:00 am cleaning up what I could from the mess. I am pretty sure that we managed to avoid any permanent carpet damage. But boy was I tired by the time I finally got to bed.

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