December 9, 2003

Can you believe that updates continue to come through even when I am out of town? How long has it been since that happened? Min and I slept in late this morning at the hotel and didn’t go over to John and Michelle’s until 11:00. That actually worked out well because John hadn’t even showered yet anyway. And Michelle is always awake/asleep with the baby so she doesn’t care what the schedule is. Min and I ran out to the Double T Diner for some lunch. Min loves going to the Double T when we are down here. They are very similar to Jay’s back in Rochester.

I spent most of the day with the laptop sitting on my lap. I sat on the futon upstairs with Nila sitting next to me. What a great cat. I need a cat like that. She is so cuddly. More cuddly than almost any dog I have ever known. Min spent most of the day in the living room knitting. She got lots done today. In fact, she did so much that she ran out of knitting projects to work on. She only brought so much with her and she did too much today. Andy ordered his new computer today. He is getting a Shuttle XPC because Min’s is so cool. Andy will be home on Monday and will be staying in New York for almost a month. He won’t be heading back to Puerto Rico until January 8. So he will REALLY be loving his time in good old New York.

We watched movies this evening while I worked on the laptop. We watched Spirit, some Dr. Seuss cartoon and then The Re-animator which is one of John’s all time favorite movies. It is an interesting film. Not up to par with the Evil Dead movies, though.

For those of you who use SmoothWall Firewall, version 2.0 final came out today. You can download it now. Also, Mozilla Thunderbird 0.4 released.

Leanne hates her evening job at the car dealership so she has decided to give that up. She has been answering phones for a dealership on the east side of the city but it hasn’t been very much fun. John Stephens just told me that he is in the process of moving to his first appartment. He got a place in Endicott where he is working now. He is very excited.

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