December 17, 2003

The Return of the King released today. Whoo-hoo! Very nice to have it finally out. We are still waiting for the extended edition but that will be quite some time yet. Min got up this morning and started watching the Extended Version of Episode One. She was planning on watching both of the movies before we went out to see the third one but she didn’t end up having enough time.

Dad came over early this afternoon and delivered Min’s new computer desk system. It was mom’s system that had been in the basement at my parent’s house. It is a really nice dark wood desk system that folds up into an armoir looking cabinet so it is perfect for our bedroom because it conceals all of Min’s computer stuff but folds out into a much larger desk than what she had before. It took a lot of the afternoon to get the desk moved into the house and to get it assembled. Dad did all the work because he knew how to put everything together. It really turned out nice. I think that it will really make a difference in our bedroom. It adds space and it looks a lot better.

Andy and I ran some errands this afternoon. We had to get over to dad’s to get an air compressor because Andy’s car has a flat. Andy’s new processor arrived today for his new computer that should be arriving on Friday.

This evening, Min, Andy and I went out to the Omega Grill for some dinner and then we headed over to the Geneseo movie theatre to see Lord of the Rings III. We got tickets three hours before show time and they almost sold out. I ran into my eleventh grade English teacher who was in line just behind me. I haven’t seen him since I graduated many, many years ago. We had to get to the theatre very early to be able to get decent seats together. We arrived much more than an hour early and still didn’t get the most incredible seats. But we did get to sit together. The seats were not very comfortable and were built for midgets. The movie was awesome. We all really liked it. Boy is it long.

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