December 18, 2003

I got up this morning with terrible heartburn and seconds later the phone rang. DC had some problem this morning with a computer that wasn’t one of hours. That got me up and running early this morning. Immediately thereafter we discovered that our SDSL line in DC had gone again. The last time the line went down, the technician in Canada looked at their network and determined that the problem was theirs. But the next morning when their customer service called to say the network was FINALLY fixed, they just blamed us for it. So that was it. We took the opportunity this morning with their service already going down to drive to Washington and pull all of our equipment out and relocate it up to New York where we have a more reliable network, faster network, less expensive network and where we have access to our equipment all of the time. So, Eric and I jumped in the Mazda and hit the long road to DC. We drove straight down to the office. We got there around 4:00. We spent a couple of hours loading all of the servers and other equipment into the car, spent a little time talking to everyone there (read: avoiding getting back in the car.) We got back in the car and drove to New York at 7:00. We got in around 3:00 am. Eric headed for home and I started working getting the servers back up and running. Some of you probably noticed that we were down for about 24 hours there. I worked until 7:30 am and then hit the hay. I really needed it. After a very long day, we are finally back online. And now the high stress move from DC to NY is finally over and all of equipment is located where we can get at it. So, although this was a really long day and very stressful, we are very relieved that the move is over and isn’t hanging over us for sometime in the future. This move has been a long time coming.

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