December 25, 2003: Merry Christmas Everyone!

Min and I got to sleep in a little bit this morning but we were awfully exhausted at 9:00 when everyone got up to start beginning the Christmas festivities. Once they begin, it goes all day. Christmas is no little thing at the Tocco’s. Breakfast, coffee and other preparation activities took until around 11:00. We started opening presents at 11:00. The gifts were everywhere. Every spare inch of the living room and dining room were used to house the presents. Present opening continued until around 4:00 when we had to scramble to get ready and get over to the grandparent’s house for Christmas dinner. There were well over 250 presents in all not including the completely stuffed stockings and the two gifts for Min and Francesca that weren’t wrapped. Tons and tons of stuff. Min and my major present was a thirty bottle wine cooler that we have really been wanting. We are very excited. Finally we will be able to put all of our white wine somewhere so that we can just drink it whenever we want instead of having to chill one bottle ahead of time. And now they won’t have to get so cold in the refridgerator. All of the boys got Zip Zaps. They are really cool little tiny remote controlled cars. We had a lot of fun putting those together and driving them around. Simple things. Min gave me the fingerless computer gloves that she made for me out of alpacca wool that she has been working on for a year.

After dinner, we all played Scene It, the hot, relatively new game about the movies that Bennie and Francesca got for Christmas. We played a couple games of that and then Min and I turned in early because we were exhausted.

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