December 24, 2003: Christmas Eve

Min had to work last night so she spent the morning sleeping. I got up late and played a few rounds of Bob’s Call of Duty. What an awesome game that is. Then I watched Mr. Nice Guy, one of the weird second generation Jackie Chan flicks. It is a cute action flick, I like it. His second generation films are the best because he was no longer doing the silly, crappy, poorly dubbed stuff and got a real budget but was still doing wacky Hong Kong flavored stuff and was at the height of his game. His more recent films are taking on a different feel as he matures as an actor and is no longer able to do all of the stunts of his youth. The funniest thing about this movie is that the bad guy is played by Richard Norton, from Raiders of the Sun. How funny is that? I have decided that I think that I am going to start writing movie reviews. Now that I have well over 750 movies here, I think it is time to start writing about them. I hope to someday teach a cinema class – I think that that would be a lot of fun.

We managed to get out of the house and hit the road eastward around 11:00. That means that we rolled into Min’s parent’s house at 2:00. We were very tired. But, we have a new futon to sleep on there so that made our night to look forward to a whole lot better.

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