December 3, 2003

Min and Danielle went up to the city this morning to pick up Danielle’s new glasses. Min got home around noon and went out to apply for substitute teaching positions with dad. They were gone for most of the afternoon. Eric arrived at the house just as Min and dad were leaving. Eric worked out of my office today. We went over to the Omega Grill to get some lunch. Min and dad went down to the diner in Nunda for lunch. Danielle and I ate there a few months ago and it was really good.

I spent most of the day in the office today working on getting out new SuSE Linux 9.0 super server up and running. It takes a ton of setup time and I am nowhere near getting it done. I finally got frustrated enough with it that I decided to take a break and start work on installing our new Windows Small Business Server 2003 machine instead. SBS 2003 just released as a packaged product this week so I am anxious to get it up and running. It is a lot easier to install than the Linux machine! But it is still a pain. No sooner than I got the new version installed over the demo version and the ethernet card couldn’t be recognized anymore. So I had to install another NIC just so that I could finish the install process. What a pain that is.

Phil stopped by unexpectedly this evening. He had to make a delivery in Geneseo (twice because he couldn’t find where he was going the first time) and decided to drop by and say hi. He couldn’t hang out long because he had to get back to work.

Min watched A Fish Called Wanda for her first time in forever. She thought that it was okay. I have never thought of it as a great movie. Min and I then watched Silverado, which she had never seen before. Then we watched The Untouchables which she has never seen and I haven’t seen in a very long time. What a great movie that is. Tonight was kind of a Kevin Kline, Kevin Costner and John Cleese evening (each of them was in two of the movies that we watched tonight.) That knocked another “never been watched” off of the list.

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