December 2, 2003

Winter has definitely arrived. There is snow all over today. Andy should be happy to be back in PR because the roads were bad around here today. It was really nice to walk out the front door this morning and find that the walk had been shoveled and the driveway had been plowed. I love living in a townhouse.

I worked around the house all day. Min meant to go out applying for jobs but the roads were bad so she is saving that for tomorrow. This evening, my dad, aunt, uncle and cousins came over for “movie night”. I ran out to Walmart and picked up Disney’s Pirates of the Carribean. It just released today. All of us had seen it in the theatre but it was nice to see it again and it is a ton better on DVD. It is a nice disc with ten hours of special features, two discs and a DTS soundtrack. We had a good time watching it.

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