December 5, 2003

For those of you who have been following SGL all these years, you will notice that this season marks our third anniversary of the web site. We first started up in late 2000 to announce the house New Year’s Party for the Millenium. And here we are announcing this year’s.

It is the Friday Night Frag at the Llama house tonight. We had to take off last night but other than that, this is 2-3 months of continuous Friday night gaming. Jeremy is coming over at 8:30 and Phil said that he would be over as soon as he got out of work. It has been a long week so I am really looking forward to the game tonight. Josh can’t make it because he was out in Rhode Island today and he has to cook a turkey this evening. I am not sure why he has to cook a turkey tonight but he does.

Min decided that she wanted to go to the Omega Grill this evening instead of eating at home. So, while she was getting ready to go out, I started watching Jackie Chan’s Killer Meteors from 1976. He isn’t actually the star in this one, this is one of his less common roles as a villian.

When we were at Omega I decided that I would try fish again. I got the fish fry and boy was that good. I didn’t end up getting too terribly sick. So I guess I might start trying to eat fish again. When I first went vegetarian (over two years ago now) I had planned on eating fish but I ended up not being able to digest it. It will be good for me, makes it easier to get protein and Omega-3 fatty acids. And I really miss the taste of fish more than other meats. So it might help me stay on the wagon. But I have been awfully good for two years and don’t crave meat so I should be okay.

Phil made it over for our gaming night. He played some tutorial rounds of AoE2 while Art and Jeremy tried to take me on. They didn’t fare so well though. Phil managed to join us for two games because he and Art had to take off to get home. Phil and I were teamed and won both of our games. After the games, Art, Jeremy and I went to Belladessa’s on Main St. and got some late night pizza. We ended up hitting the bar crowd and all of Main St. was packed. Jeremy and I went back and played one last round before hitting the hay around 4:30.

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