December 6, 2003

Min decided not to sleep today so she just came home and got me up to take Jeremy back home and then we headed out to pick up a Christmas Tree. I wasn’t so keen to get a tree because I know what a hassle that they can be but Min really wanted one since this is our first Christmas together that we have been married so she talked me into it. There is a tree farm just up the street from us on Lima Rd. that Eric had been to and said that it was good so we went up there and just brought the tree back on the roof of Min’s Mazda. We got a small tree that is about Min’s height and we set it up in the dining room right in from of the sink.

When we got home from getting the tree, Eric and Amanda followed us into the driveway and invited us to go to Comix Cafe with them this evening. So we thought that that sounded good. We saw our new neighbour Louie unloading his groceries so we walked over to say “Hi.” He invited us in and we got to see another one of the ranch style homes in the circle. His is really nice. He has all oak finishings and he has a really nice view of the pond out his back door. He also has a really neat setup with a halfwall for his stairway and a single hallway that has his bathroom and both bedrooms in it. He lives there alone so he designed everything around that and it turned out really nice. He combined his two bathrooms into one, which is easy to do because they are against each other and are the exact same size as each other, and it turned out really nice. So he has a 2 bedroom 1 bath. Each house seems to be a bit different here so it is neat to get to see each of them.

Min took a nap and I played some AoE2 this afternoon. I always like to play on Saturday because I am still so hyped up from the night before. Eric and Amanda got to the house around 9:20 and we headed up to the city. We got dinner at the show. Overall, the show was weak. It was okay but nothing awesome. We had a good time. We didn’t end up getting home until after 1:00.

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