December 7, 2003

Min and I had breakfast at our local hangout, the Omega Grill, and then we did some shopping at Walmart. Min wanted to get some new decorations for the tree and I did some hunting for bargain films. Walmart has added new bargain selections for the holidays so there is a lot to go check out. We found a ton of really good stuff including Dave, Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Wuthering Heights, Lost in Space and National Lampoon’s European Vacation. We made out like bandits. Cheap movies rule.

Min and I were originally planning on driving to Annapolis this afternoon but with the weather being bad we decided to wait until the morning. So tomorrow morning, first thing, Min and I will be road-tripping south to Maryland (where they have a ton more snow than we do here.) It will be nice because neither of us has been down there in quite a while. This may be the longest stretch of me not being there since I started living there in the summer of 2000. Min really wants to see John and Michelle’s new baby Francis Nicole. So we will be down south until Wednesday evening.

We watched some movies this afternoon. With so much new good stuff beckoning us, how could we resist. I don’t think I have ever seen all of European Vacation before so we watched that. What a great film. I am not sure that it is as good as the original but it is awfully good. It is funny how much I love the Vacation movies but I am not really a fan of anything else that National Lampoon has done (especially Class Reunion, that was the worst.) After that, we watched Dave with Kevin Klein and Sigourney Weaver which is an incredible movie. I haven’t seen it since it was in theatres in 1993 and Min really likes it too so we watched that.

Dad came over after evening church and we drove up to Avon to get some food at Tom Wahl’s.

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