January 1, 2004: Happy New Year’s

The morning after. Leannne and Bob got up and disappeared early this morning before anyone else was awake. Min had to go to work last night and she was hoping that some of us would make it out to have breakfast with her before she made it back home. So I got up early and Jen was awake so the two of us drove out to Lakeville to have breakfast with Min at Leaisures.

Everyone decided that we were going to take advantage of the day off and have a big AoE2 day. Bob and Lise took off late in the morning after sleeping in a little bit. Arti and Phil came over midday around the time when Andy got up and we played a bit. Josh came over later in the afternoon. Kate, Danielle and Joanna came over and hung out upstairs. They watched movies while we played. Phil had to take off kind of early because he had to work tomorrow. His schedule really sucks. He gets Sunday and Tuesday off every week. That means that Saturday and Monday nights are the good times for him to play when Friday is typically good for everyone else. The rest of us stayed up for a little while and played a little longer. Our final game went on for forever. It was a really good, well matched game but it was so late in the night that we were all hoping that the game would end soon.

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