January 2, 2004

Since it is Friday of a vacation week, I decided that no work was going to be done today so I slept in late and made it a relaxing day. Min informed me that she really wanted to spend some time today playing The Sims so I planned accordingly. Andy and I went up to the city and did some shopping at Borders. I found a book on MUD programming that is incredibly interesting and the first book that I have ever seen on the subject. Andy found it recently and had told me about it so I was anxious to get a look at it. We were there because Andy needed something particular. He is doing a ton of work on a video game engine of his own so that we can develop a real time strategy game. While we were there I found a ton of Golden books on bargain. These are reprintings of the same books that I still have from my childhood that I have used for years to look up all kinds of information from Astronomy to Meteorology to Entimology to Geology. I learned tons from those little books. So, since they were on sale and I get a corporate discount at Borders, I decided to pick some of them up for Michael. Eleven of them actually. Quite the stack of books for a six year old.

Min spent the evening playing her game and I spent it relaxing at the computer. It was a very uneventful day, but you need those from time to time.

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