January 18, 2004

We actually woke up early enough this morning to be able to make it out to LaGrange for church. It is rare that we don’t have some silly reason why we can’t go. On the way this morning, the roads got really bad. After church, we went up to the house next to my father’s to see it because they were having an open house today. Art and Danielle had made it up an hour or so before we had to see it. They decided that they weren’t really interested in it but Phil and Kate might be interested and they are hoping that they might get a chance to see it on Tuesday. We think that the house would be really perfect for them. It is a small three bedroom ranch hand built by my old neighbour Bill Seamen in 1951. Dad told me the story. Bill had built the house for his wife but she died before he was able to complete it. I had never realized that the house was so new. I had always thought that the house was much older. It was weird to be in the house that I had grown up next to but only ever been in a handful of times and only when I was very young. The house was completely redone in the last few years. New windows and siding and a completely new kitchen. We were really impressed. The really cool thing about this house is that it is directly across the street from the spot where Min and I hope to build our new house someday.

Phil and Kate came over for dinner. While Kate and Min cooked, Phil and I played a round of AoE2.

After Phil and Kate left, Min and I watched The Thin Red Line which I have been wanting to see for a long time but have never gotten to. It was good. Not great but interesting and different. It was neat to have a movie made about Guadalcanal in 1942 but we had been hoping that the movie would be much more historically informative and instead we learned very little about the campaign. We both thought that we probably would have enjoyed the film better if we hadn’t had such skewed expectations of it going into it. I will have to watch it again another time to get a better impression of it.

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