January 19, 2004

Ah, back to the weekly grind. This morning I worked around the house as usual. At noon, Min and I drove Andy up to the airport so that he could fly back down to Puerto Rico. He is going to be there until March 13, or so the schedule goes currently. That will, most likely, be the end of his trips down to the Carribean.

Min and I met Eric at the UofR and we went over to Breugger’s for some coffee. Andy called while we were there to say that his flight was delayed and he didn’t know if he would be able to get out at all. So we were prepared. We headed back home and I did some more work around the house. There wasn’t a lot of work to be done today since it is a semi-holiday and few places were doing business.

Devin Richards stopped by this evening to pick up some ink that he had been waiting for. He hung out for over an hour and got the tour of the house and office. Andy called while he was here to tell us that he had been able to get out of Rochester but inept USAir had flown his connecting flight on to Puerto Rico without waiting for the flights that connected to it to arrive in Philadelphia. So he is stuck in Philly with no way out until tomorrow. Then, to rub it in his face that he took the wrong airlines, USAir tells him that they aren’t responsible for keeping their own connecting flights and schedules so that it is his own problem to find a place to stay in Philadelphia. (Too bad he doesn’t book his own flights or USAir’s attempts to get him to change airlines might be successful.) So he doesn’t know what he is going to do tonight. Then, to make matters worse, because he no longer has a flight to get to and because of the heightened airport security, they forced him to walk a very long distance outside of the airport in the freezing cold. And, of course, he has no coat because he was going to Puerto Rico and returning at the end of winter and was going to be inside the Philly airport the entire time inbetween so he had to pratically freeze to death out there. All this after they have lost his luggage on more than one occassion. Let me tell you, I will be sticking with AirTran.

Speaking of bad airlines, Northwest (on whom Josh, Andy and I flew some time ago) has violated customer privacy laws and sold our personal information, including credit cards, addresses and such, to some agency. I am hoping that there will be a class action lawsuit, like there was against JetBlue because I, for one, intend to pursue the issue. I think corporate officials should go to jail. They are involved with identity and credit card theft and then they hide behind big companies. I am putting this in here because I will forget to tell Josh and Andy that it was in the newspaper today and I just happen to read it. I am pretty sure that we all flew during the time period of the theft.

Min cooked us a nice dinner and we ate in a very quiet house. Andy has only been gone for a few hours and already the house seems empty and quiet. Strange, isn’t it?

Apprently in a World War II mood from last night, Min and I decided to watch The Pianist. Neither of us had seen it before but dad had and said that it was really good. Adrian Brody who stars in this film was also in The Thin Red Line that we watched last night.

Well, so far the updates have been rolling in fairly regularly in 2004. It looks to be an exciting year at SGL. Tomorrow I might hear something about whether or not I will be spending some serious time in San Francisco soon. It is unlikely but I am really hoping that I get to go. It would be really nice not to have to spend the winter in New York. And it would be really nice to have steady work coming in for a change. I do know that I will be spending next week down in Washington, DC. Eric and I are heading down on Tuesday morning and will be there all week. If anyone needs us, we will be at our usual spot, the Comfort Inn, Annapolis, Maryland on Old Mill Bottom Drive. We have been staying there for years. And luckily for me, this month is double air miles on my card for staying there. So good deal.

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