January 21, 2004


Phil wins our llama of the month award since he has been helping us with moving things around in his truck this month.

I had to get up and get moving early this morning. Danielle and I had a meeting up in Fairport at 10:00 and her car isn’t working and Michael is sick so I had to drive over there and get them and we had to drop Michael off with Min so that she could babysit. It was hard getting out of bed this morning, I have gotten used to getting up late. I was sure that I was going to be late for the meeting but we ended up actually being early. The meeting went well. We have to get a proposal into them tomorrow. Not bad for our first day in the city. Danielle and I hit Pellegrino’s for lunch since I have always heard about it and never actually seen one. It was pretty good.

Min is still in a war movie mood so we watched Casualties of War and Hamburger Hill. I had never seen either movie before, which I realize is amazing since WUHF 31 used to show it every Sunday afternoon. But I actually did not ever see it. With watching so many movies recently and not having any money to buy more, the cost per view has dropped to just $4.78. This is a pretty big deal since we used to work so hard to get the CPV anywhere near $5. Not only that but we have only 20 unwatched DVDs and only 7 unwatched LDs. That is pretty good. There used to be many more unwatched movies than that years ago when the collection was much smaller. Emily used to complain about that.

Min has to work again tonight. She is so happy to be heading back to work. Phil got to go back to work with a smile today 🙂

Tomorrow morning I am going up to Rochester to go to Empire State College to get back on track again after taking a year off. One of these days I might actually get my four year degree done. I will have been in college almost continuously for ten years come June. How awful is that? Ten years, hundreds of credits, five colleges and no degree.

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