January 20, 2004

Work, work, work. Min did a ton of cleaning today and the house is looking really good. She is getting the house ready for the new dresser that we are getting today. My dad is giving us one of the old dressers that they had for years. I don’t know how old the dresser is but remember it from when I was really young. I am sure that we had it before I was around. Phil and Kate are coming down to look at the house next to dad’s this evening at 7:00 and then they are helping us move the dresser over to the house. It is a good thing that we know someone with a truck.

Min made me lunch today. We are trying out Yves Deli slices which actually make a really good sandwich. I am impressed. Yet another product that allows us to act like we aren’t veggetarians without having to eat meat. It is nice to be able to make regular sandwiches again.

Andy arrived in Puerto Rico early this afternoon. He still doesn’t have a car or any means of transportation and his company isn’t bothering to do anything about it. He managed to get to his apartment after spending $100 on a taxi just to discover that he has no Internet access and that his phone can only make calls to the continental US and Canada. So he is unable to call for another taxi or get food delivered or even look up phone numbers to call in case someone stops by to offer him a phone. He lives too far from any place that he knows so he isn’t able to walk and it is too hot anyway. Luckily he still has television and a few books to read or he would be going completely insane. Not that he isn’t, but we haven’t really noticed anyway. So he is stuck with no way to communicate and no way to get to work. He is not happy.

Min and I went over to dad’s around 5:30 to help get the dresser ready to move. There were a lot of memories in and on that dresser. Dad also found the books that had been stored back there when we were moving up from Ithaca. I knew that some books were missing and even knew what a few of them were but I wasn’t able to figure out where they could have gone. Two boxes were hiding back there. My subscription to Microsoft TechNet arrived today too. That is nice. New stuff to play with.

Phil and Kate came over from looking at the house, 877 Peoria Rd., and loved it. It is directly across the street from where Min and I hope to build some day. It would be really cool to have them living right across the street from us. We hung out with dad for a while and then got around to moving the dresser.

After moving the dresser, we all went out to Denny’s for some late night dinner.

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