January 23, 2004

I got to sleep in a little this morning but Min wasn’t able to fall asleep until after I had to get up.

The roads were really bad around here today. Dad had to drive out to Perry twice today and said that it was terrible.

Eric stopped by this afternoon and did a little work from the house. I continued to work on stuff for college. I am moving along pretty well.

Min got up kind of late today so we didn’t have a lot of time to spend together. We did take the time to watch the 2002 Academy Award Winner for Best Foreign Language Film Nowhere In Africa. It is a really great film. It is a true story about Jewish refugees from World War II era Germany who escape to Kenya before the war begins.

Mary finally called tonight. We haven’t been able to get a hold of her in months. She is working at Northern Lights Candles in Wellsville and is living down there now as well.

Min and I then watched The Moon-Spinners with Hayley Mills. Min has seen it before and said that it is really weird. The collection is down to $4.76 now. It gets more cost effective everyday.

I am supposed to be driving to Binghamton early in the morning to do some sales. But John Stephens and I decided that weather wasn’t supposed to be really good tomorrow and it would be better to wait until it was more prudent.

I stayed up working on my recipe database system that I plan to call phpRecipe and to release as open source software when I am done with it. It is just a simple web application for looking up recipes so that we don’t have to look through all of the books to find things that we want.

I finished watching The Killer Meteors which has to be one of the worst Chan movies ever. After that I watched the BBC’s Are You Being Served? Tribute to Mollie Sugden that they made in 2000 to celebrate her 80th birthday. It is better than the other AYBS looking back shows because they got most of the cast back together to reminisce about the show and they showed footage from both series and of some earlier stuff that Mollie had done. They didn’t talk about Come Back Mrs. Noah, though, which was a series that Mollie did in 1978 in the middle of AYBS.

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