January 24, 2004

A nice relaxing Saturday. Since we cancelled the game last night, I was able to sleep in and actually have enough sleep today. Eric called and woke me up this morning. So I got up and went downstairsand played a game of Empires: Dawn of the Modern World. This is only the third full game I have played after having the game for months. I managed to beat the computer on a very hard level this time. I have not decided what I think of the game yet. It has some interesting features but it is too simple still, I think. There doesn’t seem to be enough to it. And the different civilizations are made too much different from each other that it makes it extremely important to have memorized the strengths and weeknesses of each, even for a beginner. The graphics are really nice though, that is a plus. And the game lets you have up to 80,000 units in the world population which is pretty cool. Not that any computer we have to ever come close to handling that at all.

After watching The Killer Meteors last night, I needed to watch a better Chan film to make up for it. So I watched the Columbia-Tristar transfer of Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin.

Min and I went over to dad’s house at 5:00 for some pizza. My family was over and we watched a movie and played some foosball.

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