January 31, 2004

Min got home normal time this morning. We packed the car and took off for Philadelphia. We ended up leaving around 10:30 and drove down to Dansville to get some lunch. We stopped at the Buckhorn for lunch. I tried their Belly Bustin’ Fish Sandwich and it was awesome. I am going to go there for their fish sandwich more often. Not something you would expect to be so good from there. I did a search on the web to make a link for you to the Buckhorn chain but didn’t have any luck finding it. Funny enough, when I tried to narrow the search with “Dansville” in order to find the right Buckhorn, only about two sites came up referencing what I was looking for and SGL was one of them.

After lunch we drove east out on US 86 and then down 81 to Scranton where we caught the Turnpike’s Northeast Extension, US 476, that took us on down to Philly. I have never gone to Philly from the north before (and only once ever when there from the south) so it was a neat drive for me. That is an area of the country that is so close to us and yet I know so little. I always forget that there is even a major city there and it is a MAJOR city. Philadelphia is the fifth largest city in the US when measured by population inside the city limit (#1 New York, #2 LA, #3 Chicago, #4 Houston and #5 Philadelphia.) We are going to Jenn’s apartment warming party tonight and she lives on the Northwest side of the city (about 30 minutes from the city itself as far as I can tell) in Norristown. The directions that we had didn’t exactly get us straight there and Min was getting pretty frustrated after a while (it sucks having to turn back over and over again on toll roads) but eventually we made it around 6:30 or so. The actual drive time should be under five hours. I think it SHOULD be four hours but I am not sure about that.

We had a really good time at the party. The place was packed. Three of us (Min and I and Erin Seamen) drove down from Geneseo, a ton of people drove down from Long Island where Jenn is from and a number showed that were local. Seven of us crashed there so the place was pretty crowded all night. It was a really good party. Good mix of people. I didn’t know hardly anyone (I had only met Jenn’s friend Bob before the last time that Min and I went to Philly to visit Jenn) so I got to meet lots of new people.

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