February 1, 2004

The eight of us slept in this morning and then we had to get everyone up and organized so that we could all go out for breakfast. That was a bit of a project. Min and I couldn’t hang out too long because we had to drive all the way back to Geneseo.

We hit the road a little after noon and Min let me drive south into the city because I had never had the chance to actually see the city of Phildelphia before and I really enjoy seeing new cities. It took us about half an hour to get into the city but as we were driving in we noticed that the expressway going out of the city was backed up for miles so we decided that we couldn’t head back out the way that we had come in. So instead we drove all the way south through the city and eventually figured out how to catch the expressway from down there and took it up and took PA 30 west out of the city. That road is so slow. It took us forever to get anywhere. It must have taken an hour and half or better before we were able to get to the turnpike. We had decided to try a different way going home to see if it was faster. Instead of going north on 476, we decided to take 76 west to Harrisburg and take our usual route from DC home from there.

It was dark by the time we reached Harrisburg due to our little adventure driving around Philly so we decided to stop at the Elephant and Caslte to get some dinner (yes, the same restaurant that is on King St. in Toronto that Nate, Josh and I ate at years ago.) Dinner was really good but the crowd there was watching the super bowl and being very obnoxious. We were in a hotel restaurant, very secluded, and could barely talk over the screaming. And it wasn’t excited screaming. It was drunk losers yelling stupid sayings over and over again because no one was listening to them and they wanted attention. It was so annoying.

We got home around midnight. The trip was fine but really long. We think it might be a draw. Going north or west out of Philly is about equal. Fewer tolls going west the way we went though. So maybe that makes it worth it. It really depends where in Philly you are going to. That would make a huge difference.

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