January 4, 2004

Today is Min and my three month (one season) anniversary. Today our job was to pick up our furniture for our dining room. We got up and called Ruby Gordon and asked the warehouse how late they were open today. So we drove up to Henrietta and borrowed Phil and Kate’s pickup truck in order to get the chairs. So we went to lunch at IHOP with the Ayers and then went to get the furniture. When we got to the store, they informed us that the warehouse was not open at all on Sundays. This was rather confusing as the warehouse phone line connects you to a person who tells you that the warehouse is open that day. But then again, everyone keeps telling us that we are idiots for shopping there at all so it is getting obvious that this is the case. So we scheduled to pick them up on Tuesday and returned to Phil and Kate’s apartment and watched Bridge on the River Kwai. None of them, including Min, had ever seen this classic war film. It is a little slow and kind of weird but it is a really beautiful and touching story of British POW’s held captive in Thailand or Laos during World War II by the Japanese.

After the movie, we all went out to dinner at the King and I because Min had been wanting Thai food since yesterday. Then we decided to go see a movie but weren’t able to find one that we wanted to see. We went to a couple of movie theatres and there just wasn’t anything good showing. So we hit Walmart to look for some movies. I found 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Apple Dumpling Gang and Batteries Not Included which was a classic movie that I loved to watch when I was younger. Kate really wanted to find a certain movie so we drove around to a bunch of different places, mostly closed, but at Borders, Phil found Bend It Like Beckim. So they got that movie and we went back to their place and watched it. It was really good. I didn’t know anything about it before today but I was really impressed. I had no idea that it was an Indian film made about an Indian girl soccer star in England. It was a good plot.

Right now, Andy, Miranda, Min and I are watching Disney’s classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. It is always a debate as to how strange a measurment Jules Vernes used to denote going under water. A league is not meant to be a measurement used underwater. The fathom is the standard measurement of distance under water and is equal to two yeard or six feet. A league is three nautical miles. Each nautical mile is 1.151 regular miles or just over 6076 feet. So the title of this movie denotes a distance 69060 miles beneath the water’s surface. This is an absolutely ridiculous figure. The deepest point of the ocean is only just under seven miles. Quiet a difference. It is very clear that Jules Vernes had a massive lack of grip on concepts such as distance, depth, pressure or just plain common sense. The distance denoted here would suppose that the earth was more than four times THICKER than it was ROUND which makes no sense at all. It is very noticeable in this movie just how little Disney cared about nature and the environment and how little the industry was regulated back in 1954 when the film was made. The treatment of real undersea life in the movie is pretty awful.

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