January 3, 2004

I stayed up really late last night so that I could sleep in with my wife this morning. We didn’t end up getting out of bed until the middle of the afternoon. Dad came over and he, Andy, Min and I went up to Avon for some Tom Wahls dinner. That was really good. We don’t go there often enough. It is just far enough away that we never feel like driving quite that far for dinner.

After dinner I drove down and borrowed The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen from my cousin. Min really wanted to see that. We watched it. The basic storyline was okay but the movie itself was terrible. The directin, effects and acting was all just pathetic. We are really glad that we didn’t buy this movie. After that we watched one of Spielberg’s few good movies, Empire of the Sun. Christian Bale delivers a totally amazing performance in this tale of a British child taken captive by the Japanese during the occupation of Shanghai in the 1930’s. I hadn’t seen the movie since 1988 or so and Min had never seen it at all.

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