February 12, 2004

There is a good article over at FlexBeta.net that talks about thirteen simple reasons why you should give Mozilla FireFox a try instead of sticking with tired old Internet Explorer. And just in case you are wondering, SGL is designed with FireFox in mind. I am a big supporter of both Open Source software as well as alternative and choice to popular, monolithic and monopolistic software packages. It is important to always have choice. Different people like different things. If every computer system was exactly the same, technology would stagnate and that is the last things that we want. It is important for Windows to have Linux and vice versa. Either one alone would maintain status quo and never improve. But perhaps more importantly, they would only be able to cater to a single user group and not diversify and be able to offer alternatives for specialty interest groups.

This evening, Min and I headed up to have dinner with Josh and Joanna. Min hasn’t seen their “new” apartment yet and I haven’t been there since the week before Min and my wedding so sometime in September last year.

Josh and Joanna made eggplant parmesian for dinner, it was really good. While we were there they announced their engagement! I guess Josh let it slip to Bob “Montana” Crissman a few days ago. I have to hold off posting this to the site, though, because the Ayers are in Florida visiting family and escaping the real world and they didn’t want them to find out reading the site. So this post is a few days late but now we will remember when it happened.

We couldn’t stay long up in the city because Min has to get home in time to work tonight. It sucks working different schedules. I can’t wait until she can find a better job, this one really sucks. We got home just in time for her to leave again. So I went and worked in the basement and watched Undercover Brother, which I borrowed from Josh. It is a pretty good movie. It is cute. Nothing special. Pretty funny.

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