February 13, 2004

No game tonight. No one could make it.

We had a relaxing evening in tonight. I don’t think that I left the house all day. Having no car does that to you. Min and I watched Mystery, Alaska which we both really like. You have to love any movie with Hank Azara.

While Min was at work I went out to the garage and brought in the stair step machine. No sooner than I started using it than I noticed a little tiny mouse running across the dining room floor into the living room. I flipped on the lights and he looked pretty panicked. He took off under the door leading down to the cellar and hid. So I had to break out one of the mouse cubes and put in on the stairs. This is our mouse number sixteen! That is pretty bad. I am pretty sure that this guy must have run into the house while I was going into or out of the garage. So I will have to be more careful than that.

I had the evening to myself so I watched some of Lindsay Lohen in Disney’s Freaky Friday and I played a round of AoE2 because I was sad that we didn’t have a game this week.

So I finally got to talk to John Holtz and find out what is going on with my car that has been in there for a full two weeks today. It turns out that all four of my tires were bad on the Mazda 6 – the one had blown on its own and the other three all had bad belts. So new tires have been ordered for the car to replace the ones I have been driving on but hopefully the other ones that I have been waiting for will be in soon too because those are the ones that I want ont he car. This is getting to be a bit of a problem never having a car. I can’t believe that they still haven’t gotten me all of the stuff that I bought and paid for in mid-July. We are up to a full seven months of waiting for those wheels and tires that I bought just for winter driving. If I don’t have the wheels and tires pretty soon, I am going to be forced to contact Mazda’s credit department to explain to them that the full package that they loaned me the money for has not yet been delivered.

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