February 15, 2004

Well, I fell a couple of days behind but it is a holiday weekend (President’s Day and Valentine’s Day) so I have an excuse. I have also been waiting until we could make the official announcement…


We found out the other night while we were having dinner over at their place but not everyone had been told yet so we had been waiting until today to announce it on the site. They are planning on having the wedding in September 2005.

Phil and Kate Ayers made it down this morning to join us at church. It is nice having them come down to meet us since it pushes us to actually get ready and make it to church on time. Which we did. Quite early, actually.

After church we went down to Perry to get some lunch at the Silver Lake Family Restaurant. Ellie was working, we see her just about every week. She lives just above the restaurant there in town.

The Ayers were going up to have dinner with Josh and Joanna this evening so they took off right after lunch. Min and I went down to Leicester to visit with my grandmother. She is on oxygen now. She has lung problems that developed from being a teacher and breathing chalk dust for many years. Apparently they have recently discovered that chalk dust can be as bad as tobacco smoke for the lungs. Dad came down and visited too. He stayed for a while after we had taken off.

We came home and Min rusted us up some grub and we watched some of Gilligan’s Island while we ate and then we watched Open Range, which Dad got recently and thought was really good. He was really impressed with it because they actually made a good drama that barely needed to even be rated PG which is awfully nice for a change. There are some good people in this movie. Costner, Duvall, Benning and one of the kids, Diego Luna, from Y Tu Mama Tambien.

This is the official announcement, the game is on for this Friday. We are expecting eight again. Same eight as a few weeks ago. Art, Andy, Jeremy, Tony, Min, Phil, Josh and I. Min’s schedule is changed for this week so she is working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so she will be able to play all night on Friday. And Phil isn’t working in Canandaigua anymore so he is able to play the full night too. So it should be a pretty serious game. I think we are shooting to start around 5:30 and Josh is the only one that I think can’t be there until later. Maybe we will be able to convince Eric to fill in for him for a little while until he gets there since Eric isn’t allowed to stay late but he needs to get some practice in because he has yet to play a big game.

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