February 14, 2004: Happy St. Valentine’s Day

Min brought me breakfast from work this morning. She discovered our little tiny mouse in the mouse cube this morning. So I let him out before we ate. He must have been very young because he wasn’t as scared as the mice normally are. I went to bed really late last night so I went back to bed after breakfast.

We got up in time to just get ready and head on up to the city to meet Josh and Joanna for dinner at Gordon’s up at the Port of Rochester. It was a really good dinner. We all had fish or seafood. It took a really long time to eat, though. We got there right as the doors opened at 4:00 and we weren’t done eating until 6:30. The people who arrived for dinner just a little bit after us didn’t end up sitting down to eat until almost the time we left. After dinner we went down to Media Play to see what was out and to do a little shopping. Min and I have been running really low on stuff to watch now that we have been cutting back on our movie spending. The cost per view and dropped dramatically and we have been borrowing more stuff than we used to but we have discovered that we really need some more BBC television shows because that is what we find ourselves watching so much of. We are hopeful because a couple of new series have released and we have exhausted everything that we have now. We picked up a couple of new things, Gilligan’s Island Complete First Season, Rescue from Gilligan’s Island and Once Upon A Time In Mexico.

We got home and watched some of Gilligan’s Island. The disc that we got has the unaired pilot episode. It is funny to watch because they decided to change half of the cast and then they reshot the pilot as episode one of the show but still used a lot of the footage from the pilot which looks really weird once you have seen where it comes from. We also noticed that in the title sequence of the film, it is the pilot cast that rides out to sea on the SS Minnow. After that we watched Once Upon A Time In Mexico. I have really been looking forward to seeing the final of the Mexican Trilogy which I have been waiting for for nine years. It was good, but not what we were expecting. Phil was right that Salma Hayek was in it way too little. And the plot was very disconnected from the earlier films. It didn’t make things any better that they used Enrique Inglesias for one of the mariachis. He is really corny under the best circumstances and is only marginally acceptable in the film. Antonia Banderas, Danny Trejo, Salma Hayek and Johnny Depp rock as usual. The film has a lot of action but it is a little weird the way that they portray it.

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