February 25, 2004: Happy Birthday to Me

I am 28 today.

Min taught again this morning at Keshequa. Today she taught Kindergarden. Another exhausting day for her. I worked around the house all day.

We finally decided to call an exterminator today because the mice have just gotten so bad. There is just nothing we can do about them at this point. We caught four more mice last night. Four!! Hopefully they will be able to do something about the mice soon. I hate to have to kill them but it doesn’t seem possible that they are still in the house and not continuously coming back in.

Min got home after work and we went out to dinner at The National with dad for my birthday dinner. We had a really good dinner. I haven’t eaten at The National in Cuylerville for years. Not since I was in high school or maybe before have I eaten there. Both Josh and Phil used to work there during high school.

After dinner Min and I watched some Keeping Up Appearences. Min only got a little time at home before she had to get off to work. Two shifts today, she is really worn out.

Andy and I are going down to Ithaca tomorrow to work so we headed off to bed fairly reasonably this evening because we are planning at leaving at a decent time in the morning.

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