February 26, 2004

Today Andy and I are travelling down to Ithaca to do some work. I overslept this morning by quite some bit and we got a late start. In fact, we started off so late that Min went to McDonald’s with Andy and I for breakfast. After breakfast, Andy and I headed on down to Dansville to make a toner delivery, then on to Ithaca.

We started off working for Autoworks this morning. That went really smoothly. Just a simple computer install but something always goes wrong but not today. After Autoworks, we headed on over to Lifestyles and did some work there. They were having issues with their network and we had to investigate. While I was working over there, Andy drove over to the bank and closed out his bank account that has been accruing fees while he has been gone because the bank wouldn’t allow him to close his account while he was away. So it ended up costing him a bit to do business with Tompkins County Trust Company. Even though he switched to another division of the same bank, they weren’t willing to take care of his account that he was transferring. I sure wasn’t impressed. I tried getting a home loan from them once too and they acted like it would be impossible for me to get a loan. But I have a house now. Hmm. Funny how that works.

We headed over to Time Warner Cable to return the cable modem that I have had all this time. I tried to return it months ago but the line to return it was hours long. So I figured that they didn’t want it very badly. On the way out of the Time Warner parking lot, Andy got flustered on the unmarked one way streets and ended up running a light and getting a ticket. Worked out well for me for once that I didn’t have a license. My drivers license expired yesterday because it was my birthday and I forgot to get into the DMV to take care of it. I will have to deal with it tomorrow.

Andy and I swung up to meet with Steve after we had all of our scheduled stuff in town taken care of. We worked at the house for a while and then went over to Little Venice for some dinner. We managed to head back to Geneseo around 6:00 so Min was pretty happy.

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