February 3, 2004

This morning, Eric picked me up and drove me up to the city to pick up my car which has been in the shop. We had breakfast at Mel’s Diner and then went to get the car. When I got the car, there was some confusion because they tried to make me pay for things that I wasn’t supposed to be paying for (like the tow that they had agreed to pay because they had already screwed up so much.) But they did end up letting me leave without even paying so that we could work out who had to pay what later.

I got the car and drove over to Phil’s apartment and picked him up and we went over to the hospital to see Eric for a little bit. As I was driving I noticed that, even though the one tire had been replaced, the car was still having the same problem that it had been having before which is why we thought that the tire was bad. So we turned around and took the car right back to John Holtz and Phil drove me around the rest of the day. We went over to Best Buy and Phil picked up Red Dwarf Seasons 3 & 4 which released this morning. Then we drove down to the house and watched Season 3 with Min. Min has been dying to see the new DVDs because she has never seen the show on television so these are all new to her and she is really enjoying them.

Phil had to take off early to get to class (sucks having to work around a class schedule) but he left Min and I with Red Dwarf Season 4 so she and I watched that for most of the evening. Andy and I ran over to dad’s to pick up Andy’s car that has been in the barn over there. Dad managed to get the barn doors open and move the car out so we took the chance to go get it.

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