February 2, 2004

I had a busy morning this morning. I had to run some errands early in the morning. So I jumped out of bed nice and early and drove up to Rochester, did some banking and stuff and the zipped back home.

Steve Lucente drove up from Ithaca this morning to meet with me. I thought that he was going to be down for most of the day but he was only able to stay for a little while. We managed to get lunch before he had to go but that was about all.

Andy came home today from Puerto Rico. He was originally flying out this morning but that flight was cancelled and he had to fight hard to find another flight. Luckily he managed to get one later in the day that went through another city for his connections. He had to spend the entire day at one airport or another just trying to get home. Every single time that he flies with USAir this happens. Time and time again they delay a flight and miss his connections and don’t come up with any good way to get him where he needs to go. They seem to be completely incompetent. And for the prices that they are paying to fly with them, you think that they would get things together a little bit more. I will stick with AirTran, thanks.

Andy finally managed to get in and I went to pick him up at the Rochester airport around 10:30.

I tried to do the updates from the last few days this evening because I had fallen behind being out of town but while I was working on them, my computer kind of ground to a halt and stopped working. I think that the operating system just died on me. Hard to say. Could be a virus but there was no sign of that. It has been way too long since I did a full install so I dug out my restore CDs and got to work. It actually didn’t take all that long to get the reinstall done and with my handy dandy software install directory on the network, I am able to put all of my software back in place in a matter of thirty minutes or so. I use so little commercial software that I have to have install CDs for that it makes life really simple when I have to do things like this.

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