March 10, 2004: Travelling to Pittsburgh

Got up and moving quite early this morning. Eric and I are driving down to Pittsburgh today, so we have to make an early start of it. We managed to get out the door around 7:00 and we hustled our way south. Our first stop was breakfast at McDonalds. Then straight on to the hotel in Oakland. We arrived around noon which means that we made really good time. It is so much nicer coming from Geneseo, it is an hour closer than Ithaca is and that is really noticeable.

Our first meeting is at 1:00 at the Oakland hospitals. We were there for a couple of hours. The meeting went well. We were over to the hotel to check in (we weren’t able to check in earlier) around 4:00 and then we headed off in rush hour traffic to meet up with our partners over at Westband for a dinner meeting. It took us quite a while to find their offices on the southeast side of the rivers. We didn’t make it over there until almost 6:30. We got a tour of the offices and then we went down to TGI Fridays at Riverside for some dinner. Eric and I didn’t end up making it back to the hotel until almost 12:30!

Min got to sub today. But she didn’t get a whole day in. She was called around 9:00 when the sub that they had called before her didn’t show up. So they had to call Min and admit that they had called someone else and had to beg to have her bail them out.

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