March 11, 2004

Our second day in Pittsburgh. Eric and I got woken up by Shadyside Hospital at 7:30 this morning, thanks Doug. So we got up and tried to get out of the hotel. It took forever to get moving because the DC office didn’t get the credit card sent over to the hotel for hours. So we went down to the restaurant, Fosters, and got ourselves the breakfast buffet to start the day off right.

We finally managed to get checked out of the hotel around 10:30 and we walked over to the Oakland hospitals to deliver a scanner that we have had for them for forever. We hung out there for a little bit before heading on over to Shadyside. We met with everyone over there and didn’t manage to leave Pittsburgh until 3:00.

The trip home went pretty well. It took us five hours to get back to Geneseo. Eric headed back to Livonia and I sat down to watch DVDs with Min.

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