March 12, 2004

Back to work. At least it is a Friday so everything is slow. Not much going on today. Just catching up with everything that has been left till today since I have been out of town. Dad came over this morning at 8:45 and we went over to meet Min at Leisure’s for some breakfast. That was nice, I have barely had a chance to see either of them this week and dad is going to have Pastor Storey staying with him next week so he will be busier than usual.

Min and I finished watching Mr. Bean this evening. What a great show that it. I haven’t seen it is years. Rowan Atkinson is so funny. He is a total genius. I don’t know anyone who can pull off stuff that way that he can. And he is good in so many different types of roles too. We are planning on getting Black Adder sometime soon because that is one of his earlier works. It is a really famous BritCom. Weird, but pretty decent. It is really interesting that Rowan has two degrees in Electrical Engineering.

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