March 14, 2004

Well, we got moved over to the new Windows Server 2003 machine with Internet Information Server 6 yesterday and today is the first day of the updates being written in the new ASP.NET format (not that it looks any different.) So, changes to the site should be a lot easier starting today. You should notice that the site is going to begin converging on a consistent look over the next few days – there shouldn’t be anymore of the old navigation bars lying around. I will be doing my best to get the whole site up to date as quickly as possible. I think using the ASP.NET to generate the pages will really help to make the site more dynamic and easy to modify.

I am planning on being out most of the week. Danielle and I have lots of sales work to do Monday through Thursday and Friday I am planning on being down in Ithaca to do a new network install at Lifstyle Properties. They are moving into their new offices in a week or so and they are putting in a new firewall and wireless network. I will be jetting back from Ithaca to make it for the Friday night game. There is at least one open slot if anyone is interested in getting into the game (ahem, ahem, Eric.)

Min and I made it to church late this morning but that works out well because the dog can’t handle us being away from the house for any length of time and the hamster is terrified of the dog and having a really stressful week. We moved Mr. Humphreys into Andy’s bathroom so that he isn’t exposed to the dog all day long. Dexter doesn’t do anything but Mr. H can smell him and he freaks out. Last night he moved his entire home into his wheel to hide. And then he would get really scared and start running in the wheel and all of his food and bedding would whip around over his head and come crashing down on his. So we are hoping that this makes life less stressful for him.

We had to spend the whole day at home since the animals need us so we watched movies. I was pretty tired so I didn’t spend very much time on the computer. I needed a break. I did a little work on the site but am saving most of it for this week. I have been working from my laptop on the kitchen table because the servers are still too loud downstairs for me to be down there for any length of time. I can’t wait until we get the theatre room finished and we can block off the sound of those servers some more. They are so bad.

I finally decided that I wasn’t going back to fill in the missing days in February and removed the blank lines. I don’t remember those days anymore so we are all just out of luck. March is caught up thought, so that is a start.

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